A note from our founder Kathryn Tancig

Personal reflection on founding a firm and looking ahead.


I’m Kathryn Tancig – the founder of Tancig Law PLLC. Thank you for joining me for our first blog post. We are very grateful to our media team for building and launching our website and can’t wait to share more about our services and experience with you. Subscribe to our email newsletter below for the latest news in conservation and the firm. Our goal is to provide you with resources that will help develop a deeper understanding of the role law plays in conserving land. 

Why Tancig Law? 

After ten years of practicing law for talented partners at family and real estate law firms and closing multimillion-dollar conservation deals through public-private partnerships, I was ready to establish Tancig Law. Opening my own law firm has allowed me to focus my practice on what I love most – helping clients protect their property rights while conserving land for future generations. For me, being able to implement comprehensive, effective, and cost-conscious conservation strategies that exceed our clients’ goals and expectations is what makes our work worthwhile.

How can we serve you? 

Our firm provides legal services relating to conservation, real estate, and public-private partnerships. We serve landowners across Texas and Florida by designing conservation easements that fit unique family and financial situations, resolving real estate issues affecting ownership interests, and structuring lasting public-private partnerships. At Tancig Law, we help our clients conserve natural resources for future generations while preserving private ownership rights. 

Thank you for following us!

Over the past year, we’ve worked to build a strong foundation for Tancig Law. The journey so far has been incredibly rewarding and I’m excited to share this next phase of our venture with you. Please follow along as we continue to grow the firm. 

Thank you for being here!