Land Trust of the Month Roundup 2022!

This past July we launched our Land Trust of the Month program. We’ve really enjoyed this project because it’s given us the opportunity to: (1) highlight the different missions of potential land trust partners for our clients, (2) learn more about the specific work each organization is doing to support and engage the conservation community, and (3) contribute to their efforts by donating and encouraging others to do the same.  

Each month we work with a different land trust to highlight their contributions to the conservation community. We share information about their geographic or resource focus, any special events they’re hosting, and various ways individuals can support their mission. We’ve learned so much already and look forward to sharing more about the important work these organizations are doing across Texas and Florida.  

Before 2023 begins, we want to take a moment, say thank you to the land trusts who have participated in our program, and create a reference point for clients who want to educate themselves about the options they have when it comes to choosing a land trust partner for their conservation easement project.

Read more about each land trust below!

Alachua Conservation Trust

Alachua Conservation Trust’s mission is to protect the natural, historic, scenic and recreational resources in and around North Central Florida. ACT protects critical natural lands from development and degradation through purchases, donations, and conservation easements. 

Texas Land Conservancy

Texas Land Conservancy is a conservation organization dedicated to protecting the land, water, and wildlife of Texas from the negative effects of land fragmentation and poorly-planned development. TLC works with communities, private landowners, and other partners to preserve land, restore native habitats, and connect people to nature. Many of our clients have worked with TLC to protect thousands of acres across Texas.  

Galveston Bay Foundation

Galveston Bay Foundation is a conservation nonprofit that has served as guardian of Galveston Bay since 1987. Their mission is to preserve and enhance Galveston Bay as a healthy and productive place for generations to come. They work to facilitate a true cross-section of Bay interests through creative, inclusive and forward-thinking solutions to the challenges confronting Galveston Bay. 

Galveston Bay Foundation, Land Trust
San Marcos River Foundation, Land Trust

San Marcos River Foundation 

San Marcos River Foundation (SMRF) was established in 1985 to protect public access and preserve the San Marcos River. SMRF’s land conservation efforts focus on the aquifer recharge zones surrounding the headwaters of San Marcos Springs. SMRF also engages in a variety of other activities that support a healthy, flowing San Marcos River, such as river cleanups and riparian buffer re-vegetation efforts. 

Guadalupe-Blanco River Trust

GBRT’s mission is to preserve the unique natural heritage of the Guadalupe watershed for future generations by protecting open landscapes, working farms and ranches, and wildlife habitat through conservation easements, education, and outreach that connects people to the water and land.

Bayou Land Conservancy

Bayou Land Conservancy preserves land along streams for flood control, clean water, and wildlife. They work to protect natural floodplains located throughout the watersheds that feed into Lake Houston – the largest drinking water source for the City of Houston, which in turn reduces flooding risks for some of the fastest growing communities in the nation.

Thank you for following along! We look forward to introducing our 2023 lineup soon!